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Mrs Tara Songey

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"A rising tide raises all boats"
- john Fitzgerald Kennedy

Hometown:  Bend, OR

Ascended Title: Mrs. Deschutes County

Husband:  Jon, Married 2011
Children:  Dylan, Camryn

Career:  Stylist & Fitness Instructor


Platform:  Shepard's House  <click here


Arah's passion for wellness and healthy living lead her to pursue a BS in Biology from the University of Washington, and ultimately graduated with a Doctorate of Chiropractic Medicine alongside her husband, Shane.   Together they promote their passion daily helping people at their private practice, Core Elements Chiropractic.   Additionally, she stays very active as a volunteer in her community; mentoring, lecturing and advocating for kindness in order to promote positive change. 

When she's with her family, she enjoys cooking, fun adventures and seeks any opportunity to visit Disney Theme Parks!  Arah exemplifies the character and strength of the modern married women and encourages all to support Practice Kindness initiatives in their communities. 

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